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Prof. Tian

Over 30 years as medical practice serving London since 1995.

Prof. Tian has over 30 years of medical and clinical experience. For the first 12 years, Prof. Tian worked in China Medical University Hospital and has gained 20 additional years of experience in Canada doing traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinical practice.

In 1995, Prof. Tian established her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Clinic in London, Ontario, Canada. Since then, she has helped many people suffering from a various kinds of health problems and illnesses with effective results, and has developed a good reputation.

At Prof. Tian’s clinic, every patient receives professional service. Prof. Tian will review all of your medical history, and listen to all of your symptoms and illnesses. With a thorough TCM examination, she will inspect the body, face, eyes, ears, tongue, and pulse. She will take, collecting and analyze clinical information, to create an assessment of a patient’s health condition to get the TCM diagnosis. The diagnosis will be based on TCM theory, including the body yin and yang in balance, Qi(energy), Xue(Blood) and Jinye(body fluid) deficiency or weakness. A disorder can cause all of the body’s microcirculation flow to slow, inducing stagnation and stasis; organ functioning to be reduced and cause damage, resulting in an accumulation of toxins in the body; then development of illness and disease; then creation of physical and mental illness. This will show the different symptoms and signs.

Prof. Tian’s treatment will be based on each patient’s health condition. Patients will be provided a customized treatment plan, which will offer acupuncture or herbal medication, and also nutritional and lifestyle changes to treat your health problems and prevent illness. It will make you get well and stay well.

Introduces Prof. Tian Family Advance Therapy --> Tian’s Acupuncture

  • Tian’s—“Xuan – Yuan” Jingluo—an advanced different model of channels and collaterals system.
  • Tian’s—“Xuan – Yuan” auricular meridian— is a first of its kind treatise. Both of these methods have very effective results. For more information, you can check out Prof. YiFang Tian at

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